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Accelerate learning with Toshiba One technology

Toshiba helps Catholic School Principals with the latest technology

Toshiba Caspa relationshipToshiba’s major sponsorship with CaSPA provides members with access to the latest Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) systems, products and services.


Exclusive to CaSPA, members can request a free Technology Discovery across selected facets of their school’s ICT environment to review business processes, systems and expenditure against best practice and industry standards.


Free IT Discovery

What other schools have to say?

Grab a quick snap shot of what some of our best schools are up to with technology. Here a just a few success stories to help you see what's possible with Toshiba One. Read online or download and share these PDFs with your colleagues. 

For more information or to discuss your next move, contact us to talk with one of our friendly print and technology specialists.

Build a better learning environment with Toshiba

ToshibaOne Education Brochure

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Toshiba is committed to a sustainable future for your school

Toshiba Eco Hybrid Printer

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