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Trusted Toshiba partnerships

NZCE conference 2018

Our new partnership provides NZCEO members with the best deals on technology for the office and classroom. APIS members also enjoy special offers on print and document technology to make your work flow easier. As a long term partner, NZCPPA members can expect great deals, service and the latest technology.
Toshiba NZCEO Press Release

Toshiba Eco Hybrid Printer

AquaAce water-resistant paper

gifeducation_aaAll weather outdoor signage is both possible and easy with Toshiba AquaAce Paper. With Toshiba e-STUDIO Printers, durable large display banners are simple to create and safe from extreme temperatures, bright sunshine, wind and rain. Stains and smudges can easily be wiped away, making Toshiba AquaAce paper conveniently reusable. Bend it, stretch it, attempt to tear it and the quality remains the same!  

Local Service when you need it

Case Studies & Testimonials

To highlight just a few of our success stories, Toshiba is proud to provide written case studies for you to view and download in PDF format. These links can be emailed or printed to share with your colleagues. 

Take a quick snap shot of what some of our best schools are up to with technology. For more information or to discuss your next moves or wish lists, contact us to talk with one of our friendly print and technology specialists.

Stella Maris

Daramalan College

St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary



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