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Recent, well-publicised breaches of personal client data have brought some uncomfortable, yet much-needed attention to the vulnerability and protection of information. It’s not just large corporations that are affected by data breaches. According to Timothy Francis, enterprise lead for Cyber Insurance, 62 percent of cyber-breach victims are small to mid-size businesses, which are at the greatest risk for an attack.

The security of your company’s data is not something to put off until next week, next month, or next year. The damage caused by breaches of data security can be severe. Client relationships that took so much time and effort to build can be destroyed by a lack of trust. In many industries, data breaches result in heavy fines. Not to mention the daunting prospect of recreating all of your lost data from scratch. Additionally, smart customers refuse to do business with companies who can’t prove they take the necessary precautions to secure the sensitive information they are entrusted with.

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Don’t wait until your business has been hacked; be proactive about the security of your data and reduce your exposure to risk. Ask us how we can help your company minimise risks to the security and integrity of your data.
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