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Cerner Certified
  • Outstanding A3 colour output at speeds of up to 30 ppm
  • Intuitive 9" tablet-like display can be customised to individual preferences
  • Designed for modern offices and ready for mobile printing

Toshiba has developed the e-STUDIO3005AC to make your job easier. Intuitive and smartly integrated, this MFP simplifies complex tasks and gives you control while providing the reliability Toshiba is known for.


Advanced e-BRIDGE Next Technology

Toshiba’s next-generation e-BRIDGE architecture features an embedded web browser, 4 GB RAM and the Toshiba secure hard disk drive enabling the MFP to easily drive Toshiba’s internally developed solutions or even third-party applications.

Create a lasting impression with high-quality document output in colour and monochrome with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi.
A simple touch of a button is all it takes to start an automated workflow powered by the optional dual scan document feeder.

Compact stylish and fully customisable

A large touch screen is your gateway to document handling which has never been easier. Size and order of icons as well as the background image can be customised. Enjoy the unique experience of working with a system that understands what you want.

Complete peace of mind

Toshiba keeps the security of your business top of mind. Like a self-encrypting Toshiba Secure HDD that provides top level security. You can also add optional security functions to make the system compliant with IEEE2600.1 and meet the EAL3 Common Criteria requirements. IPsec is also available to securely encrypt data sent to and from the MFP.

Seamless connectivity to industry standard applications

The optional e-BRIDGE Plus connectors for Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox let you send your documents directly to or print from these cloud services via the MFP.

Built In Convenience

This MFD has been designed to accommodate a range of optional card readers, not only provides fast and convenient access to your print jobs but also increases data security. The e-STUDIO3005AC series can also be optioned with a dedicated draw for printing envelopes with ease.

Responsibility for the planet

Innovation ensures that our environment is part of the equation, which is precisely what we do at Toshiba. This state-of-the-art MFP is RoHS compliant and uses recycled plastics and a low-power Super Sleep Mode to save resources.

ENERGY STAR Tier 2 compliance means this system meets the latest, most stringent environmental requirements.


Control Panel
9” Color WVGA Touch Screen Tilting Display
Dimensions & Weight
585 (W) x 640 (D) x 787 (H) mm and Approx. 75.5 kg
Paper Size & Weight
Drawer 1: A5-R to A3, Drawer 2:A5-R to 320 x 460 mm @ 60-256 gsm, Stack Feed Bypass:100 x 148 mm to 320 x 460 mm, 305 x 1,200 mm Banner @ 52-280 gsm, Opt.Paper Feed Pedestal and draw:A5-R to 320 x 460 mm @ 60-256 gsm, Opt. Envelope Cassette for PFP-Approx:. 60 Envelopes or A5-R to A4-R @ 60-256 gsm, Opt. Tandem LCF (Pedestal Type)-A4 Only @ 64-105 gsm
Controller Type
Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next
Warm-up Time
Approx. 12 Seconds from low power mode
Paper Capacity
Cassette 550 x2, Bypass 100, LCF 2000, Standard 1,200 Sheets/Max. 3,200 Sheets @ A4 80 gsm
Print Speed
Colour: 30 ppm (A4)
Automatic Duplex
Standard Automatic Duplex Unit (60-256 gsm)
RJ-45 Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T), USB 2.0 (High-speed), Optional 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN, Optional Bluetooth


600 x 600 dpi (5 bit), 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (2 bit) or 3,600 x 1,200 dpi (BW with Smoothing) PS3 Only
Page Description Languages
Print Functions
Universal Printer Driver, Driver Templates, Driver plug-ins*, Print from USB, Hold print, Tandem printing
Supported Systems
Windows® Vista, Windows Server 2008/R2, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2012/R2, Macintosh® (Mac OS × 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10,11), Unix®, Linux®


Scan Functions
Scan to File, E-mail, e-Filing, WS Scan, USB, Scan Preview
600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi, 150 dpi, 100 dpi
Scan Speed
DSDF Scan: Up to 240 IPM Duplex, 120 IPM Simplex (Monochrome or Color) RADF Scan: Up to 73 IPM (Monochrome or Color)
Document Feeder
DSDF Feed: 300 sheets @ 35-209 gsm, RADF 100 sheets @ Simplex: 35-157 gsm, Duplex: 50-157 gsm
Scan Modes
Standard: Full Color, Auto Color, Monochrome, Grayscale
File Formats
Monochrome: TIFF-Multi/Single Page, PDF-Multi/Single Page, Searchable PDF (Opt.), XPS-Multi/Single Page, DOCX (Opt.), XLSX (Opt.), PPTX (Opt.) Color/Grayscale: JPEG, TIFF-Multi/Single Page, PDF-Multi/Single Page, Slim PDF, Searchable PDF (Opt.), XPS-Multi/Single Page, DOCX (Opt.), XLSX (Opt.), PPTX (Opt.)


Transmission Speed
Up to 33.6 Kbps
Incoming Fax Routing
Send to e-Filing, File (SMB or FTP of IPX), E-mail, I-Fax and PSTN-FAX (I-FAX function)
Super G3
Network Fax
Windows Vista SP2 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32 & 62bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64 bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32 & 64bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 (64 bit), Windows 10 (32 & 64bit)


600 x 600 dpi
Colour Modes
Auto-Colour (ACS), Full Colour, Twin Colour, Mono Colour, Monochrome
First Copy Output Time
Colour: Approx 5.7 seconds, Monochrome: Approx. 4.4 seconds
Colour Settings
Hue, Saturation, Colour Balance, RGB adjustment 5 one-touch modes
25% to 400% platen and Document Feeder
Copy Modes
Black, Full Colour, Auto Colour, Twin Colour, Mono Colour and Auto Colour Selection (ACS)
Copy Functions
Electronic Sort, Rotate Sort, ID Card Copy, Edge Erase, 2-in-1 / 4-in-1 mode
[This Class 1 laser product complies with IEC60825-1]. Technical data is subject to change without prior notice. All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers in their markets and/or countries. All rights reserved. We are constantly making efforts to deliver the latest status of data to our partners. Specifications for some models may change in the time between the production and the release of this documentation. Productivity and paper specifications are related to paper size of A4 and a paper weight of 80 g/m2 if not otherwise mentioned. Warm-up time and print speed may vary depending on the operating environment. 

1 GB = 1 billion bytes; the actual formatted capacity is less. Available capacity will also be less if software applications are pre-installed. 

* Optional

Copyright ©2016 TOSHIBA TEC.

Misc Accessories

  • KD1059
    KD1059 Large Capacity Feeder
  • KK2560
    KK2560 Accessible Arm
  • GR1260
    GR1260 Panel 10 Key Option
  • KK5005
    KK5005 Work tray
  • GR1290
    GR1290 Card reader holder
  • GS1085
    GS1085 Embedded OCR Enabler (5 License)
  • GR1250
    GR1250 Accessory Tray
  • GS1010
    GS1010 Meta Scan Enabler for ES2820C/3520C/4520C & ES5520C/6520C/6530C
  • GS1007
    GS1007 Unicode Font Enabler
  • GR1270
    GR1270 USB Hub Option
  • GQ1280
    GQ1280 Harness Kit Coin Controller
  • GS1095
    GS1095 Multi Station Print Enabler (5 Licenses)
  • MJ6011F
    MJ6011F Hole-Punch Unit, 4 Holes for MJ1042
  • MJ6105N
    MJ6105N Hole-Punch Unit, 2-3 Holes for MJ1109/1110
  • KA5005PC
    KA5005PC Platen Cover
  • MJ6105F
    MJ6105F Hole Punch Unit, 4 holes for MJ1109/1110
  • KK5008
    KK5008 Manual Pocket
  • GS1090
    GS1090 Multi Station Print Enabler (1 License)
  • KD1058
    KD1058 Paper Feed Pedestal
  • MJ6011E
    MJ6011E Hole Punch Unit, 2 holes for MJ1042
  • MH5005
    MH5005 Console
  • MJ6011N
    MJ6011N Hole-Punch Unit, 2 or 3 Holes for MJ1042
  • GN4020
    GN4020 Wireless Module/Antenna
  • GS1080
    GS1080 Embedded OCR enabler (1 Licence)
  • GP1190A
    GP1190A Hardcopy Security Printing Kit
  • GD1370
    GD1370 Fax Board
  • MJ6105E
    MJ6105E Hole Punch Unit, 2 Holes for MJ1109/1110


  • MJ5014
    MJ5014 Job Separator
  • KN5005
    KN5005 Bridge Kit
  • MJ5015
    MJ5015 Job Separator
  • MJ1110
    MJ1110 Saddle stitch finisher
  • MJ1109
    MJ1109 50 Sheets staple finisher
  • MJ1042
    MJ1042 Inner Finisher

Paper Feed Pedestals

  • GP1080
    GP1080 IPSec Enabler for ES2820C/3520C/4520C & ES5520C/6520C/6530C
  • MY1048
    MY1048 Drawer Module
  • MY1047
    MY1047 Paper Feed Unit
  • MY1049
    MY1049 Envelope Drawer
  • GP1070
    GP1070 Data Overwrite Enabler for ES2820C/3520C/4520C & ES5520C/6520C/6530C

Adf/Rdf Accessories

  • MR3031
    MR3031 RADF
  • MR4000
    MR4000 DSDF

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Spec Sheets

How to Videos

Watch and learn from our How to videos for the Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next series MFPs

Job Build

This feature allows you to build a job from various original types. That includes both originals fed into the Document Feeder and originals put on the platen glass. This unique feature allows you to "build" the job and then produce multiple sets with finishing such as stapling.

Private Print

The Private Print feature is useful for printing confidential documents in an office environment with many users. The sender's print job is held with password protection until they’re at the MFP to release the job for printing by entering their personal password. 

Banner Printing

Banner printing on Toshiba's unique AquaAce waterproof, tear resistant paper. No laminating is required with this paper. This video will focus on the large 305mm x 1200mm banner size


Print Profiles are an excellent feature to use when the content of the documents you print change but the settings don't. There're many settings so the potential for error is great. The Print Profile feature simplifies printing jobs that utilise the same settings.


OCR, or Optical Character Recognition is technology that enables you to convert scanned paper documents into editable and searchable formats including PDF or Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. 


This feature avoids burdening your email server or client with large attachments which can slow email performance. Please note this feature can only be used for scanning within the office as most office networks will not enable access to the device from outside the network.


We will demonstrate how to scan-to a cloud storage service using our new e-BRIDGE Plus scan to cloud applications. We’ll also show you how to print a file stored on a cloud storage service from the control panel of the MFP and how to print to the Toshiba MFP from Google's Cloud Print service.


Show how to print from your smartphone or tablet directly to a Toshiba MFP. We’ll also show you different methods that you can use.


Templates are "one-touch" buttons for storing combinations of features that you often use together. It's like Job Memory for the modern age.


This feature works particularly well in busy office environments where a lot of users share multiple MFPs. It lets a user send their job to an MFP, and when they get to the device, if it's busy already, they can simply go to another device, authenticate and their job is printed.

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