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Toshiba TCxWave improves POS Transactions

Toshiba ONE POS Retail solutions

Drakes Foodland isn’t just an Australian food retailer serving up a gourmet grocery shopping experience. The largest privately owned independent grocery retailer in Australia, Drakes operates over 50 stores with over 600 POS lanes. The retailer employs over 5500 staff, and has a loyal customer base in its communities.

Drakes is a privately owned group of stores that operates under  the Foodland and IGA brand umbrellas in Australia. Each store intimately connects with its local community and customers by supplying only products each of the Drakes’ communities want.

The stores foster a sense of reliability among its patrons, and it was with this concern that Drakes turned to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions when it decided to upgrade its POS systems.

Being one of the local favorites, Edwardstown Drakes wanted an absolute guarantee that there were to be minimal interruptions in their daily service during their POS upgrades. It was vital for the store to remain fully operational and continue serving clients without delay, while still ensuring staff were promptly trained and equipped to use the new equipment to its fullest capacity. There was no room for error, and it was clear they wanted no staff and no customers to  be impacted.


"In just 3 months time after contacting GaP Solutions, all 12 of our lanes were installed and working. The process was incredibly efficient and did not stress our operations. We are very happy with our selection of GaP Solutions and the new Toshiba TCxWave systems.” – Chris Squire, Store Manager, Edwardstown Drakes Supermarket

Working with local Toshiba partner GaP Solutions, the Edwardstown-based Drakes supermarket utilized Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions POS hardware TCxWave to transition to a more secure, faster, functional, and aesthetically pleasing checkout system. The new equipment replaced 12 older AdvanPOS units.

The TCxWave features a projective capacitive touch screen interface, and is operated by an Intel Celeron quad core processor, supporting the latest Windows platforms. “For fast-paced retail environments that require flexibility and scalable technology, such as specialty retailers, hospitality, food service and convenience stores, Toshiba’s TCxWave offers retailers and store associates alike a unique advantage,” said Thomas Buchholz, Vice President, Growth Markets, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “Our commitment to performance and distinctive design allows Drakes and other retailers to deliver a high level of customer service, distinguishing themselves among competition.”

This new equipment provided a versatile multi-touch technology screen with a solid-state drive, configured for Drakes’ retailing needs. After the equipment selection was made, GaP Solutions procured the hardware, performed on-site installations, integrated the POS equipment with Drakes operations, and Gap Solutions’ grocery POS software, and ensured that cabling and staging was on-par with the retailer’s brand. “Our challenge was to maintain the customer’s shopping experience at Drakes Supermarket, while in the process of installing modern systems to provide enhanced functionality and design. The highly robust Toshiba TCxWave  has met and exceeded all of Drakes requirements,”  said John Goodacre, Director of GaP Solutions. “We have full confidence in recommending Toshiba technology to our customers.

The installation was completed swiftly and had a minimal effect on Drakes operations. The staff were quickly and easily trained on the new equipment, and the new hardware increased the speed, security and aesthetics of customer transactions. The store experienced no interruptions during the installation and integration process, and continued to operate serving its daily customers.

“In just 3 months time after contacting GaP Solutions, all 12 of our lanes were installed and working. The process was incredibly efficient and did not stress our operations. Training the staff also did not interfere with our in-store work flow. We are very happy
with our selection of GaP Solutions and the new Toshiba TCxWave systems,” said Chris Squire, Store Manager, Edwardstown Drakes Supermarket.


"The highly robust Toshiba TCxWave has met and exceeded all of Drakes requirements. We have full confidence in recommending Toshiba technology to our customers".” – John Goodacre, Director GaP Solutions.

While the customers shop at a Drakes’ location, the hardware upgrade has greatly improved their POS experience. The touch screen has increased employee productivity, and reduced the time needed to complete customer transactions. Store managers have given the TCxWave their stamp of approval and expressed their happiness with the overall system and installation process. The winning combination of partner GaP Solutions’ expertise, and industry-trusted Toshiba TCxWave’s award-winning design and quality have improved the POS experience for Drakes’ customers and employees.

The system’s success has swayed Drakes Supermarkets to consider this solution in all of its 60 stores. In the next coming years, the supermarket chain will be rolling out Toshiba TCxWave POS hardware across 600 POS lanes in all of its Queensland and Australia stores. And with the proven execution and ease of transition the Edwardstown Drakes experienced, a technology upgrade won’t pose a problem for the 5500 staff the chain employs.


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