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AquaAce Sample Pack Templates

Create professional water resistant, weatherproof and laminate free prints at your finger tips with AquaAce. The downloadable sample templates below can be used across various environments including the office, kitchen, meeting rooms or outdoor environments.

Be sure to check out the Printing Guide download below, prior to printing out your vivid AquaAce prints! 



COVID-19 Samples 

COVID19 posters


Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

A4 Posters

Poster 1

Poster 2

Packaged Samples  COVID-19 Product Kit
A4 Wash Your Hands Sign Download
A4 Times Tables Download
A4 Flight Safety Instructions Card Download
A4 Magnetic Calendar  Download
A4 Magnetic Infographic  Download
A4 Business Cards  Download
A3 Bifold Wine Menu  Download
A4 Transclucent Shop Sticker  Download
A4 White Backed Caution Sign


1200mm Banner  Download
How To Print AquaAce Guide  Download

AquaAce Brochure Order AquaAce

AquaAce vs Laminate Video
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