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Success Story

Customer: Monash Health

Country: Australia

Industry: Healthcare


A healthy difference - how Monash Health transformed their document management system with the help of Toshiba’s Kōdo Business Suite, powered by ELO.

Monash Health is Victoria’s largest public health service, providing care to over 1.5 million people. When they needed to streamline their electronic records system, they turned to the document management specialists - Toshiba.

The challenge of healthcare documentation

Monash Health cares for over a quarter of Victoria’s population, with services from pre-birth to end of life, delivered and managed by a staff of 20,000 employees, in six main and 22 satellite hospitals.

That’s a big undertaking and generates massive amounts of documentation - much of it sensitive -  all of which has to be created, filed, secured and managed to strict protocols. 

Monash Health partners with Toshiba to streamline their processes, free up staff time and meet stringent audit requirements.

Anesti Steryos, Systems Application Manager at Monash Health, explains: “Before engaging with Toshiba, Monash Health had not one, but three instances of our legacy document management system. Not only was the system older and less functionally rich, but each instance had a different versions and configuration, and was managed from a different part of the Monash organisation.

This made the system very complex and difficult to operate, and executives trying to find important business documents got confused and frustrated. With no single centralised source of information, they sometimes had to go to all three systems before finding what they needed. That just wasted valuable management time and resources.”

Out with the old…and in with Toshiba

Monash ran a competitive tender, and selected Toshiba, and their ELO-powered electronic documents and records management system. Toshiba architected the new system, including archiving and retention policies, and allowing plenty of contingency for growth. From there, Monash Health managed the platform, gradually incorporating documents from 12 different departments. 

Toshiba’s Kōdo Business Suite solution is powered by ELO. ELO is a best-in-class industry solution for document management. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Kōdo Business Suite platform has transformed records management for Monash Health. With a single platform, centralised management and highly efficient search capability, the whole organisation can quickly and easily access the documents they need. Toshiba supports and maintains the system to keep it up to date and performing at its very best. 

Transforming Monash’s document management

“The Toshiba platform is much easier to use, and has dramatically reduced the need for paper”, confirms Anesti. “To date, we’ve converted 120,000 documents from paper to digital. With approximately 600,000 corporate records archived in our system, I very rarely print now”, he says, “and we’re one big step closer to a paperless operation.”

The health sector is tightly regulated and audited - there are two audits a year by the Victorian Auditor General, which include a review of document security and management. On top of this, Monash Health runs internal audits twice yearly too. “The audit process is so much more efficient now”, says Anesti.  “Everything is date stamped, and we can simply drag and drop a document to email, rather than having to print, scan and attach it.

With staff not tied up with document management, Anesti can assign more resources to other business projects.

Anesti has been impressed with the way that Toshiba has engaged with Monash Health. “Their attitude is that they’re in this for the long haul and they want to ensure we’re happy”, he says. “Anosh’s people skills make him an excellent account manager and we appreciate the honesty, reliability and prompt service we get from everyone we deal with at Toshiba.”

Plans for the future

The system has been such a success, that further expansion is planned. “There’s still more benefit to be gained”, says Anesti. “For example, we’re looking at bringing staff records onto the platform, getting rid of paper-based information and making it easier for payroll to access contractual employee data.”

“We also still have documents stored offsite - and if they are needed, we have to get a box physically delivered, go through it to find the document, then send it back. Once we can get those documents into the Kōdo Business Suite system, we can save even more money and time.” 

Anesti sums up what Toshiba’s Kōdo Business Suite has meant for Monash Health: “We’re delighted with our document management platform”, he says. “It’s efficient, has the functionality we need and is easy to use. It’s been a great decision.” 

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