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Toshiba Technology for the 21st Century
If most of your intellectual property is still paper-based you may be at risk from fire, flood or theft. You may also be reducing your bottom line by utilising costly off-premise storage space, burdening staff with inefficient work practices, wasting resources and consuming too much time locating documents.

Document management is an essential technology for 21st century organisations, of every size, by helping to track, store and secure vital information.

A Document Management System (DMS) allows you to automate the management all electronic information such as Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, faxes, emails, photos and images, video's and many other kinds of electronic documentation.  By utilising international standards and legally-recognised best practises, electronic document repositories can assist you in achieving compliance and peace of mind.

Toshiba Australia now offers a complete enterprise-strength content management suite which includes a host of essential document management functions, including: document creation and collaborative editing, automated workflow including e-payables, information distribution, version control, automatic document archival and long-term document storage.

Our document solutions work perfectly in tune with your existing Toshiba hardware and software investment.  As part of a complete Toshiba Managed Services solution we’ll guide your organisation through the entire process including change management, development of efficient work practices and creating a plan to generate savings, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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