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Are you comfortable for all your IT to be entrusted to just one person?
Toshiba IT stategy

Businesses today rely heavily upon IT functionality and support. Whether you maintain an in-house IT department or outsource all of your IT functions, it is vital that your IT resources align with your business goals so that you keep moving forward.

Increasing Security

Advancements in technology have spurred user productivity, but also increased security risks with greater sharing of confidential data. Organizations can minimize data loss and breaches by performing a third-party security assessment to evaluate any vulnerabilities, including protecting devices, securing networks through secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, controlling access, and regularly monitoring and auditing all print devices, particularly networked MFDs.

Developing Business Buy-in for Your IT Strategy

In order to implement an effective IT strategy that aligns with your company goals and mission, you will need to have buy-in for your plan from stakeholders and management, as well as your IT and operation teams. You also will need to secure customer buy-in, especially if your strategy involves the use of new or different technology that changes the user experience and end product or service provided. You can facilitate this process by asking for customer feedback on what technology features and functionality they would like to see in your products or services.

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